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Woman owned and led, Spotlight by Discussion Box works with Fortune 2000 brands to bring together the most powerful women in leadership. Grounded in lived experience, we work with an exclusive community rich in women CxO’s and are the only woman owned business in this industry that is built by women, for women.

Representing a community of people who have been historically marginalised, we are committed to shifting the paradigm within the events industry.

Our DNA makes us different and our dedication to pioneering change helps women change the face and future of leadership. By unmuting women’s voices, we pull out the seat for other women who actively challenge the status quo.

Spotlight’s deeply intentional programs platform women in business, accelerating their representation one conversation at a time.

Our clients work with us to carry the torch of change, driving demand with a radically diverse community of business leaders, all whilst executing on their diversity, equity and inclusion objectives.


Step into The Spotlight Experience.

Contact our team to understand how you can change the face and future of the C-suite. Ready to carry the torch of change?

The future is happening, one conversation at a time

At The Spotlight Experience, we’ve built our reputation on authentic, empathic discussions that help accelerate sales velocity for our partners. We believe that access to women decision makers can create genuine commitments to change and innovate from the top down.

In our experience, people by from people they trust is more true than ever before. Consumer behaviours are shifting, with CxOs craving off-the record, intentional and women-led interactions that are built on lived experience.

Challenge the status quo.

Send the elevator back down for other women to join you at the top.

Carry the torch of change.


Giving women a
seat at the table


The Spotlight Experience un-mutes the voices of women from all corners of the globe, promoting diversity, equity and inclusion from the top down.

Our clients depend on us to dramatically increase the representation of women in leadership roles, paving the way for the future generation of women.

Work with likeminded brands who place women at the helm of change.

Open the door to relationships with women who hold space for uncommon empathy.

Break boundaries and lower accessibility barriers.


Experience a white glove, woman-centric approach that places diversity at the forefront.

Unite in a common drive to build meaningful relationships with the most powerful women in leadership, all whilst hitting your growth objectives.

Unite in a common drive to build meaningful relationships with the most powerful women in leadership, all whilst hitting your growth objectives.

Right woman, right time. Spark conversations with women who are seeking likeminded vendors to support with their upcoming projects.

Build communities based on mutual value and esteem, creating memorable and impactful experiences for women in your industry.